Welcome To Future Exploration of Augmented & Mixed Reality Design

For those that know me I love to stay in the 3-5 year zone ahead of technology.

I also teach my own flavor UX methodologies and help others learn about new fields and careers in the realm of user experience. In the next five years we will begin seeing a new form of design platform take shape that moves into an entirely un-mapped realm. This type of design at many times can best be described as magical. I’ll apply my years of User experience design to this field as I look to teach, build, create and design new ways for humans and computers to connect in this emerging field.

Augmented reality is not new, but the ways and platforms in which we interact with this medium are more mature. While the medium is more mature the creation methods are archaic and filled with problems.

It’s like the wild west all over again and there will be lots of bumps along the way. The technology that allows us to interact with holograms will take many shapes and forms. Beyond this it will require new ways to think about how humans and computers act within a constant 3d space.  The technology will shrink and become less visible and more powerful. The design patterns will be more than just a static state image. They require thought and planning that provoke, and evoke emotional connection. When experience leaves the screen we expect magic to stay with us in this world.

Some may say this is just a fad, but when you start to experience new ways to conceptualize the world around this you will see it’s a bit more than what 3d promised to be. 3d tv’s never caught on because as they were magical they were still locking us down to a primary TV medium. Now virtual reality, augmented, and mixed reality blend our world and the digital worlds in new exciting and terrifying ways.

As I move into this space I will share with you tips, tricks, as they are related to creating these new types of user experiences. So be sure to add this to your rss feed and feel free to share it. Are you ready to take a peek behind the curtain and see what worlds exist?

In the future expect these posts to be raw, un-cut and filled with emotion.