A Brief Word On My VR AR MR – And XR Experiments.

It’s been awhile since I’ve had a moment to hop on here and write. Rest assured there is a lot of stuff coming. I’ve been deep in the design, and development of Virtual Reality concepts, Augmented Reality Concepts, and all the tools in between figuring out new ways to move quick and push ideas and creative vision forward.

The image above required a combination of skills to create. Just to name a few modeling, animating, texture mapping, unity, c#, playmaker, and several others.

At any rate I want you all to share in this journey as we move towards defining these spaces. This is especially true from the UX perspective.

You can follow along on my youtube channel as I post the things I’m working on and have turned into video form. I also will be working on a lot of HoloLens examples and working to craft ways to prototype faster.

Preston’s Holographic VR / MR / AR / XR Experiment Portfolio

I’ll have more articles coming shortly. I’m working on my next class curriculum for teaching basic principles and UX utilizing A-frame and other tools.